Monday, April 13, 2015


1. Oak is a woman born in Korea on June 3rd
She started painting since she was 12 years old. She graduated from art high school and University.And continue to study at Vancouver film school.
Art,painting acrylic painting -Canvas Wall art -flower painting- contemporary art -modean-room decor -rose-pink
Abstract painting,Original Painting,Acrylic Painting-abstract art Canvas Wall art - contemporary art -purple,pink,colorful painting

2. Website found in: Esty

3. Materials used: Acrylic, gemstone, stretched .canvas

4. The elements of art emphasized are organic abstract shapes and  implied expressed lines.

5. Principles of design used: Subtle value and balance throughout paintings. Irregular rhythms and movement are seen.

6. Mood/Feeling: calm/bubbly

. She express environmental related problems and things she inspired by the days we are living in.

8. This artist is worth sharing because I want to share the beauty of nature on  canvases.