Thursday, December 17, 2015

Walt Disney

1. Artist Name: Walt Disney
3. Subject Matter: all of his art has a story to it.
4. Line and color are mostly emphasized in his artwork
5. Movement is used
6. The mood is mostly happy depending on the story line
7. His artwork is mostly about magic and dreams
8. I feel like his art work is worth sharing because he was in mostly everyones childhood.

Friday, December 11, 2015


1. Banksy
3. I think his subject matter is mostly graphic style
4. Texture, two and three demensional are mostly emphasized
5. Emphasis is mostly used throughout his work.
6. I think the mood and feeling is more dark. All of his work has hidden meaning to it.
7. His artwork is mostly about the way he views the world, about the way he looks at what the world has come to.
8. I think his art work is worth sharing because the work is based off of our society and issues going on in the world today.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


3. Subject matter is pretty much abstract 3-D shapes and warped characters.
4. The elements of art used are line, shape & form.
5. The principals of design are proportion, variety & emphasis.
6. The mood is a warped and colorful parallel universe.
7. The artwork is usually based upon shapes wrapped around famous characters from TV shows, Movies and Celebrities.
8. This artwork is very inspiring to not see the world such in a black and white blur. The art also lets us see our all-time favorite celebrities and characters in a different way than usual.

Kanye West 808s & Heartbreaks

Kaws Companions

Spongebob Squarepants

Darth Vader



Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol
1. Andy Warhol 
2. Found artist in a magazine.
3. Subject matter are the celebrities and experimentation with pop art in the 1960's.
4. The elements of art used are values and color.
5. The principles of design are pattern and emphasis.
6. The feeling of his pieces are reminiscent of the pop-culture during the 60's. 
7. This artwork is about paying tribute to the people or objects that caught his attention and put a modern twist on it
8. This artwork is worth sharing because he made art that wanted to be shared with millions and its a glimpse back in the past about what interested people and why it still does.

Coca-Cola Bottles

Campbell's Soup Cans

Marilyn Monroe



  1. Tillith (Isabella)
  2. I found this artist on Youtube.
  3. Subject matter: creepy portrait features
  4. Elements of art:color, value, line, form, and a tad bit of shape
  5. Principle of designs: contrast, emphasis, some movement and pattern
  6. Her artwork has people feeling anxious, creepy, and astonished
  7. Her artwork is about creepy human portraits in watercolor detail
  8. Tillith's artwork is worth sharing because they're unique and there's not many people that paint creepy portraits these days

Agnes cecile

  1. Agnes Cecile
  2. I found this artist on Youtube.
  3. The subject matter in her art work is the people she paints with detail using abstract colors.
  4. Elements of art: color, line, and value
  5. Principles of design: contrast, emphasis, and movement
  6. The mood of her artwork shown on here is sadness.
  7. Her artwork is mostly just about creating/painting emotional human portraits with loads of details and breathtaking colors.
  8. I feel like this talented artist is worth sharing because her artwork creativity is incredibly fascinating and not only that but she has a way of making people feel some type of emotion. 

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Margaret Keane

1.) Margaret Keane
2.) Found on
3.) Keane's portraits are recognizable by the oversized, doe like eyes, which had always been intended, in her view, to show the inner person more.
4.) Elements of art: color, value, space, and texture.
5.) Principles of art: emphasis, movement, and unity.
6.) The mood or feeling that can be invoked is a feeling of mystique, mysteriousness, maybe isolation or sympathy.
7.) The artwork is intended to show the inner person more through the most expressive part of the face, which are the eyes.
8.) I feel like this artist is worth sharing because her art is very unique, and the fact that the big eyes are the most recognizable feature in all of her works is very interesting in my view.

King Robbo

  1. King Robbo
  3. King Robbo is a London graffiti artist.
  4. The elements in King Robbos work are line, value, and shape.
  5. Theb principles in King Robbos work are color, unity, pattern, and balance.
  6. The mood you get from King Robbos work is a joyful feeling looking at all the colors and the flow of his work.
  7. The artwork is tempory graffiti because a grafiti artist never knows how long his or her work will stay up. Although they know it could be painted over the next day the go out to express their feelings and view points of life.
  8. I feel like King Robbo's work should be shared because of the amazing work he has presented and he nis very known in London.


  1. Banksy
  3. Banksy is an anonymous street artist in London 
  4. The types of elements in his art are line, value, and shape
  5. The types of principles are unity, balance, and pattern  
  6. The mood or feeling you get by looking at his art is a unsettling feeling that causes you to think about certain issues in government or in life.
  7. The art work addresses Banksy's personal ideas about issues in government and his life morals.
  8. I feel like Banksy's work is a great view on how street art should be represented. Although it is considered a criminal act, there is a message behind each piece.

Pablo Picasso
1. Pablo picasso


3.  The painting represents the sad moment in that time. nervous about something and too tired for being the waay they are in life. they are both sad.

4. The shapes, color, wavy lines

5. Contrast, balanced, rhythm, movement 

6. The mood is sad, depress, tired, nervous

7. The artwork is about how people are in the streets doing what they can to survive through all the hard times.
woman can get hurt in so many ways or sometimes they cry of joy.

8. This is worth sharing because these paintings can describe the way life is. tell people all over what they had to deal with showing the real image behind the wall. the way he expresses on the paintings with all kinds of shapes, colors, styles.
                               The Weeping Woman (1937)

                                                 The Old Guitarist (1904)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Noel Badges Pugh

1. Noel Badges Pugh
2. Found on Tumblr (noelbadgespugh). Website:
3.Subject matter: nature
4.Elements of art emphasized: color, lines, value, texture
5. Principles of art emphasized: contrast
6. Mood/feeling: serene
7. Artwork is about the small details in nature.
8. This artist is worth sharing because he demonstrates how detail makes a great impact on a piece of art.

Josiah Brooks

1. Josiah Brooks
3. Character design
4. Line & shape
5. Unity
6. Relevant and informative 
7. Coming up with a character
8. He helps those interested in paint, drawing, & animation. He also teaches different styles and techniques 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Matthew Artchambault

1. Matthew Archambault
3. Drawing the Figure from memory/ Rough skeleton
4. Line and shape
5. Movement 
6 the mood is from this tutorial is relaxed and informative
7. How to draw the human figure from memory starting with the rough skeleton
8. I feel this artist is worth sharing because he helps those interested in life drawing from memory as well as other aspects of art such as painting, drawing, value, etc...
  1. Sandro Botticelli
  3. The subject Sandro drew his paintings was about the renaissance period.
  4. Some of his work emphasized was linear style, soft continual contours and pastel colors.
  5. He would paint in linear style about the renaissance period.
  6. Most of is his paintings are left to the people to decide what the painting about because they never were able to find out.
  7. The renaissance period which was described as the "golden age".
  8. I feel like this artist is worth sharing because he had an interesting life and had two very popular painting which are Primavera and The Birth Of Venus.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

1. Johannes Vermeer
3. The subject matter was the dutch golden age.
4. Color, space, shape, line, texture, and value are elements of this painting.
5.Elements and contrast are the principles of this painting.
6. Its a warm picture to look at because of its warm colors.
7. The painting is a portrait of a girl in which the earring was a drop of paint which got it noticed.
8. I think its cool that he didnt just throw the canvas away because he dropped a dot of paint, he made a masterpiece.

1. Herb Aach
3. The subject Herb Aach painted was the color theory inpired by John Ferren.
4. He painted sharp lines between color regions and used his signature fluorescent colors, intensity ans inner light colors. He used the elements of color, value and texture.
5. He used the unity, ryhthm, and contrast principles.
6. It doesnt have a mood or feeling it is just a painting showing the beauty of values and dark light to inner light.
7. The painters artwork emphaizes the color theory and different values of colors.
8. I think its worth sharing because i think that mixing different colors and playing with values is beautiful which is what most of his art work is about.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1.Georgia O'Keeffe
3.The subject matter is the flower.
4.The elements of this art that are being emphasized are color and space.
5.The principles of design that are being used are contrast, emphasis, and movement.
6.The feeling of this is warmth, death, and beauty.
7.The artwork is about her shwoing her love for the American Southwest.
8.Why I feel like this artwork is worth sharing is because we all share our passion and love in different ways and she potrayed it this way.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kumi Yamashita

1) Kumi Yamashita


3) The subject matter is shadows

4) The element of art that he uses is space

5) The principle of design that he uses is unity

6) The mood/feeling is creative

7) The artwork is about shadows

8) I feel that this artist is worth sharing because I like his artwork


Monday, November 30, 2015

1. Dan Flavin

3. Lights and color
4. The elements of art being emphasized are Shape and Color
5. The principle of design being emphasized is Balance
6. It shows a very calm mood
7. The artwork mixes shapes and different color schemes together to form unity between the two
8. I feel his artwork is worth sharing because he does a great job in harmonizing the colors he uses, as well as the fact that his work is made from actual solid products instead of just on paper, and he uses lights in a very cool way.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Josephine Wall

Artist Name: Josephine Wall

Subject Matter: The subject matter is imagination, fantasy, and romanticism. She uses acrylic or oil painting.
Elements of art is/are emphasized:  The elements of color and form.
Principles of design is/are used: Principle of design is unity, contrast, and pattern.
Mood/Feeling: The mood or feeling is romantic,gloomy, and dreamy
Josephine Wall is a well known English painter and developed her talent in art of painting since her childhood. Wall's painting is about imagination of magical worlds and fantasies. It's quite colorful, imaginative, and creative that it makes it worth sharing to the world.

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting
Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting

Josephine Wall Fantasy art painting