Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pablo Picasso
1. Pablo picasso


3.  The painting represents the sad moment in that time. nervous about something and too tired for being the waay they are in life. they are both sad.

4. The shapes, color, wavy lines

5. Contrast, balanced, rhythm, movement 

6. The mood is sad, depress, tired, nervous

7. The artwork is about how people are in the streets doing what they can to survive through all the hard times.
woman can get hurt in so many ways or sometimes they cry of joy.

8. This is worth sharing because these paintings can describe the way life is. tell people all over what they had to deal with showing the real image behind the wall. the way he expresses on the paintings with all kinds of shapes, colors, styles.
                               The Weeping Woman (1937)

                                                 The Old Guitarist (1904)

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