Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1. Jeremy Miranda

3.subject matter: landscapes/still life
4. elements of art: form, color
5. principles of design: emphasis, balance, proportion, and unity
6. Mood or feeling: its somber, mysterious, and dead/ empty
7. I believe that the artwork is trying to show how odd things can be, a different way of viewing something, a hybrid of two different objects or areas. Like comparing an contrasting.
8. Miranda is worth sharing because his paintings are different and mix in different elements to create something nice and important.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jessica Sandoval- February 20

1. Iris Scott
3. Finger painting and fine art.
4. The element of art emphasized is color, texture, and form.
5. The principle of design used is movement  and pattern.
6. The mood is neutral and everyday feeling.
7. Her artwork is regular everyday lifestyle.
8. I felt that this artist needed to be shared because of her unique way of making it, she uses her fingertips instead of a brush.

Jessica Sandoval- January 30

1. Olga Rykova
3. Paintings
4. Contemporary Art and color.
5. contrast, unity and rhythm is used.
6. The mood is very colorful because she as well uses very bright colors with dark backgrounds in order to make it pop out more.
7. Her artwork I believe might be about the way she sees others faces.
8. I feel that this artist was worth sharing because of her originality. I like the way she forms the face through the different colors instead of an outline of it.

Jessica Sandoval-January 9

1. Yulia Brodskaya
3. She uses rolls of paper, then rolls them, and glue.
4. Once she glues the paper and rolls it, she glues it to the background she uses in order to give it a highly detailed design.
5. Yulia Brodskaya uses an old technique called quilling and then modernizes it.
6. The mood of her art is very happy and upbeat because of the bright colors she tends to use.
7. I think the artwork is meant to be about people in our world and how there is always happiness and joy inside each of us.
8. I believe her artwork is worth sharing because it is unique and so detailed. It looks as if it is drawn but it is actually rolls of paper placed on a background creating a subject.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

van gogh

-Artist: Van Gogh
-Website Found In: Google :D and he is a well known artist in general so i see his paintings everywhere.
-Subject Matter: Paintings
-Elements of art emphasized: Gives organic shape and texture to paintings. we can see the dark and light values 
-Principle of design used: Balance, Movement, Rhythm, and unity.
-Mood/Feeling:  He expresses peaceful sensation because his paintings look calm and he uses cool colors.
-What is the Artwork About? Welp to me its about beautiful scenery Gogh thought was worth painting. 
-I felt he is worth sharing because: most people know the paintings but not all know the artist or his background so i thought I would expose him.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leigh Bowery Christian Espinoza January 14, 2015

Leigh Bowery

The subject of Leigh Bowery's art, is himself, wearing the fashion or makeup piece that he designed himself.
His art and fashion involves a really poppy look, using colors that stand out.

His looks may seem very unusual, playing with textures, materials, and the placement of the garments and fabrics.

Some may feel confused, but at the same time, in wonder, asking themselves, "Who could possibly wear that?".

The artwork is mainly comprised of fashion. I felt this artist was worth sharing because this man was a huge influence in designers and the fashion industry, and was the first to create these unique ideas and express them through makeup and clothing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

 John Martin 1789–1854

The subject matter of Martin's work is landscapes with religious influence.

Shape, form, value, color, and most importantly space are all elements that are emphasized in Martin's work.

Balance, contrast, emphasis, and movement are all principles of design present in Martin's paintings.

The feeling of the paintings is grand and magnificent. I have not seen one of the paintings other than online, but I believe that in person the paintings are even more amazing.

I believe that the artwork is used to express how large the natural world is, and because of the religious influence in the art the magnificence of god's creation. The beauty and vastness of nature.

I believe that this artist is worth sharing because the craftsmanship of the paintings show how much skill Martin possessed and his ability to manipulate space and create a large space within the canvas.

John Martin ‘The Destruction of Pompei and Herculaneum’, 1822, restored 2011

Harding Meyer

Artist: Harding Meyer
Elements: color, texture, realism
Principle Design: Balance and unity
Mood/feeling: deep thoughts, blur, and relates feelings that make his art unique.
Brazilian-born artist Harding Meyer lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe where he paints these stunning, large-scale oil portraits.“Vibrant colors and geometric brush stroke techniques brings life to each big canvas. The portraits’ subject maintains a direct stare giving each piece an almost eerie and mysterious ambiance. Meyer’s mastery of distortion in his life like painting creates the effect of blurred vision and double sight.”