Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jessica Sandoval-January 9

1. Yulia Brodskaya
2. http://www.artyulia.com/index.php/Art
3. She uses rolls of paper, then rolls them, and glue.
4. Once she glues the paper and rolls it, she glues it to the background she uses in order to give it a highly detailed design.
5. Yulia Brodskaya uses an old technique called quilling and then modernizes it.
6. The mood of her art is very happy and upbeat because of the bright colors she tends to use.
7. I think the artwork is meant to be about people in our world and how there is always happiness and joy inside each of us.
8. I believe her artwork is worth sharing because it is unique and so detailed. It looks as if it is drawn but it is actually rolls of paper placed on a background creating a subject.

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