Thursday, January 22, 2015


Artist Name (username): shimhaq98
Website: http: Found on Instagram
Subject Matter: Digital Art
Elements: Colored focal point, Contrast in black and white
Principal Design: Pop art, Realism
Mood: Intense
I felt this was worth sharing because of how he captures the stunning animal imagery! The contrast of the colors he uses with the black and white drawing creates an intense depicture of each animal he illustrates.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Michelle Hoefener

-Artist: Michelle Hoefener is 30 years of age living in the United States. She graduated from the institute of Art and is an Illustrator / Splash Artist @ Riot Games :)
-Website Found In: I looked Michelle up on the internet and found her in deviantart. She has an online portfolio, raingate.
-Subject Matter: Graphic Design. Digital Art, Splash illustrations 
-Elements of art emphasized: Color, light are the top two then value and form.
-Principle of design used: Balance and unity.
-Mood/Feeling: She expresses the characters mood by her the elements she uses.
-What is the Artwork About?  Champions from League of Legends which is an online game and she got to apply her creative skills on these and collaborated with other people who also work for Riot Games.
-I Felt She Is Worth Sharing because shes very talented and does a really good job on the splash she gave these characters. 

Challenger Ahri
Pop Star Ahri

River Spirit Nami

Heart Seeker Ashe

Arcade Miss Fortune
Snowstorm Sivir

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Charmaine Olivia

Artist name: Charmaine Olivia
Subject Matter: charcoal and oil paint
Elements: color, texture, pop art
Principle Design: realism pop art
Mood: amazed and calm

Charmaine Olivia is best known for doing her work for  Urban Outfitters, Lady Gaga, Hallmark, Volcom Stone, Element, Nylon Magazine, & Inked Girls Magazine. She spends the majority of her days continually teaching herself how to paint and draw. She is an extremely curious and passionate about life, beautiful things and creativity.


Kamalky Laureano

Artist name: Kamalky Laureano
Subject Matter: Hyperrealism works
Elements: painter, color, shadings
Principle design: realism
Mood: calm, interested

Kamalky Laureano is an artist who hails from Mexico City. He creates stunningly realistic images using acrylics as his preferred medium. Kamalky is currently available for freelance work.


Jenny Kelley

Artist name:Jenny Kelley
Subject matter: Paintings
Elements: color, shadings, and realism
Principle design: realism
Mood: peaceful and calm
Jenny Kelley is known for paintings, works on paper, illustration, and custom work. She is also an award-winning painter who specializes in still life and figurative works. She is committed to painting and drawing in traditional ways, especially working from life as much as possible. Jenny received her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005.



Xiao nan

Xiao nanYouTube: The Portrait Art

Xiao nan portrait arts and demonstration of realism. He varies mostly with pastel blocks and pastel pencil going for a very high contrast / vibrant look. He also does charcoal realism portraits that likes to contain the best medium for dramatic contrast. From a single pencil he creates the lightest shade of grey to the darkest black if doing a charcoal portrait.

He makes sure the portraits look real and contrast. His artwork has been viewed by millions of subscribers on YouTube. He pays amazing attention to his lighting of contrast and detail.

By looking at his artwork it seems as if the photo has been taken in real life. Which is the most aspiring thing of his artwork.

He uses celebrities as most of his portraits and which makes his art unique.
The feeling of his artwork is to feel like his portraits look like like a picture token. I think his artwork is amazing his YouTube videos attracted many people. I love how he shows how he draws the portraits. The artist says he makes these videos to relax your mind, uplift mood and inspire your passion. Hopefully reminding some to see things not just through the mind, but through the heart that loves to express and create.

I think his work is worth sharing because his videos make you strive more, through mixture of art, music and heart to create something beyond just a more demonstration of realism.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Robert Wylnd

Artist's name: Robert Wyland
Subject matter: acrylic paint
Elements: color, texture, and balance
Principle design: movement 
Mood: calm and peaceful 
Wyland is best known for his life-size murals of whales on walls all over the world known as the Whaling Walls. He also creates smaller paintings that are sold online and in his gallery located in Laguna Beach .

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Timothy Callaghan - Jan 5 MinJeong Cho

Timothy Callaghan

3. Any objects from every day life. 
4. Shapes and colors are emphasized on his works; especially pastel tone colors.
5. Unity and balance is used often.
6. Overall the paintings give very calm and relaxed feeling and the fact that he used mostly every day scenes give familarity.

7. Collaghan said, "people sometimes but primarily paintings about place. Well I guess you could categorize them as landscapes but sometimes they are just still lifes. Places around my neighborhood or even my backyard. They are familiar to me I see them almost everyday". 
8. I loved the way how this artist created his paintings in very relaxed feeling. I think his works are great inspiration to me since I wanted to try expressing different feeling in my works. 

Jumper on the Line

Party Tree

Phonebooks, Bibles, and Other Unread Books


Silent Night

The Long Way

Win Hope

Wishing Pool Wishing Fool

Monday, January 5, 2015

George Condo by Adam Rivera

1. Artist: George Condo 
3. Subject matter: People's psychological states 
4. Elements of art: Form, Shape, and Color 
5. Principles of design: Emphasis
6. Mood or Feeling: His artwork is usually unsettling, grotesque, and dark in atmosphere. 
7. What is the artwork about?
George Condo: "I describe what I do as psychological cubism, Picasso painted a violin from four different perspectives at one moment. I do the same with psychological states. Four of them can occur simultaneously."  "It's what I call artificial realism. That's what I do. I try to depict a character's train of thoughts simultaneously – hysteria, joy, sadness, desperation. If you could see these things at once that would be like what I'm trying to make you see in my art."
       I like Condo's art because he paints and draws what he sees in people's personalities. He does not illustrate their outward appearance, but what's bubbling deep inside of the person, the ugliness that everyone tries to hide, the dark underbelly of the individual. The external output of a functioning member of society mixing or rather churning with the internal  protected expression of truth and opinion. I believe that he does a wonderful job of representing these ideas and bringing them to light from the dark recesses of the human mind. 
8. Why do you feel this artist is worth sharing? 
I like the originality of his artwork, although he is influenced by other artists such as Picasso, Kooning, and Rembrandt he makes art that is original. Condo creates portraits of people with a twisted and demented insight and through the use of cartoons to solidify the idea of character or multiple characters. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yoji Shinkawa December 10, 2014

Yoji Shinkawa                         -Christian Espinoza

Yoji Shinkawa is a video game character designer and art designer for Kojima Productions.

His art involves imaginitive characters ranging from soldiers to mechs, robots, ninjas, and animals.

He uses little color but has an interesting way in using space to create a light source in his works.

A lot of his characters look like they all belong in the same world, which shows his sense of unity and how well he uses it.

There's defiitely a sense of awe and wonder seeing how detailed and unique each of the characters are.

This artist is worth sharing because he is very inspiring whether he makes you want to practice your proportion or expand your creativity.