Sunday, January 18, 2015

Michelle Hoefener

-Artist: Michelle Hoefener is 30 years of age living in the United States. She graduated from the institute of Art and is an Illustrator / Splash Artist @ Riot Games :)
-Website Found In: I looked Michelle up on the internet and found her in deviantart. She has an online portfolio, raingate.
-Subject Matter: Graphic Design. Digital Art, Splash illustrations 
-Elements of art emphasized: Color, light are the top two then value and form.
-Principle of design used: Balance and unity.
-Mood/Feeling: She expresses the characters mood by her the elements she uses.
-What is the Artwork About?  Champions from League of Legends which is an online game and she got to apply her creative skills on these and collaborated with other people who also work for Riot Games.
-I Felt She Is Worth Sharing because shes very talented and does a really good job on the splash she gave these characters. 

Challenger Ahri
Pop Star Ahri

River Spirit Nami

Heart Seeker Ashe

Arcade Miss Fortune
Snowstorm Sivir

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