Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Xiao nan

Xiao nanYouTube: The Portrait Art

Xiao nan portrait arts and demonstration of realism. He varies mostly with pastel blocks and pastel pencil going for a very high contrast / vibrant look. He also does charcoal realism portraits that likes to contain the best medium for dramatic contrast. From a single pencil he creates the lightest shade of grey to the darkest black if doing a charcoal portrait.

He makes sure the portraits look real and contrast. His artwork has been viewed by millions of subscribers on YouTube. He pays amazing attention to his lighting of contrast and detail.

By looking at his artwork it seems as if the photo has been taken in real life. Which is the most aspiring thing of his artwork.

He uses celebrities as most of his portraits and which makes his art unique.
The feeling of his artwork is to feel like his portraits look like like a picture token. I think his artwork is amazing his YouTube videos attracted many people. I love how he shows how he draws the portraits. The artist says he makes these videos to relax your mind, uplift mood and inspire your passion. Hopefully reminding some to see things not just through the mind, but through the heart that loves to express and create.

I think his work is worth sharing because his videos make you strive more, through mixture of art, music and heart to create something beyond just a more demonstration of realism.

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