Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Timothy Callaghan - Jan 5 MinJeong Cho

Timothy Callaghan

2. timothycallaghan.com
3. Any objects from every day life. 
4. Shapes and colors are emphasized on his works; especially pastel tone colors.
5. Unity and balance is used often.
6. Overall the paintings give very calm and relaxed feeling and the fact that he used mostly every day scenes give familarity.

7. Collaghan said, "people sometimes but primarily paintings about place. Well I guess you could categorize them as landscapes but sometimes they are just still lifes. Places around my neighborhood or even my backyard. They are familiar to me I see them almost everyday". 
8. I loved the way how this artist created his paintings in very relaxed feeling. I think his works are great inspiration to me since I wanted to try expressing different feeling in my works. 

Jumper on the Line

Party Tree

Phonebooks, Bibles, and Other Unread Books


Silent Night

The Long Way

Win Hope

Wishing Pool Wishing Fool

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