Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Watercolor Artists

My first watercolor artist is named Andreea R. She has a lot of paintings involving animals and nature, but my favorite part of her paintings is the fact that they really have no concrete outline. They're messy, but you still know what it is that she is creating. I will be taking that aspect from her art, the whole "messy-but-still-noticeable" aspect.

My next watercolor artist is Kate Schultz. Her art has very creative element to it. You could see both nothing and something within the same picture all at once. Her artwork is very all over the place, there's no definite design or end product that she is going for. Yet, it all seems to come together. I reall appreciate how she just goes with it and creates something out of the many colors she uses, she doesn't paint something specific, and that is the aspect of her art that I will be incorporating into mine as well.


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