Sunday, December 7, 2014

René François Ghislain Magritte - MinJeong Cho

1. René François Ghislain Magritte 

2. Ummm...I saw his works from an art book when I was young.
3.  The subject matter is usually an object; a man with black hat, the sky or an apple.
4.  He emphasized shape and form.
5.  I think he used emphasis and unity.
6. His paintings always give surrealistic and dreamy feeling. However, because of the way he painted his works with very realistic techniques, it does not feel like you are looking at something that is not real.
7. I looked at many of Magritte's works but can not even guess what he wanted to express in his works. But I am guessing that it is related to human qualities. In "Son if Man", the man's face is coverd with an apple that blocks our sight. I believe this is to show how us, human, only look at what we want to see and not focus on what is behind it; showing how selfish we are.
8. I did not realized it until now a days, but I was influenced by him in alot of my works. Not only myself, he influenced many surrealistic, pop and modern art artists with his works. So I thought his works are worth sharring :D
The Treachery of Image

The False Mirror


Not to be Reproduced

The Listening Room

The Son of Man

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