Monday, October 13, 2014

Dina Goldstein - Oct 13 MinJeong Cho

1. Artist Name: Dina Goldstein
2. website or social media you found artist on
3.  What is the subject matter?
4.  Which element(s) of art is/are emphasized?
     -Mainly color and shapes
5.  Which principle(s) of design is/are used?
     - Sarcasm and pop surrealism
6. What is the mood or feeling?
     -Very sarcastic
7. What is the artwork about?
     -In her series called "Fallen Princesses", she wanted to show the reality of women's lives. When she was just a three-years-old child, her mother struggled with breast cancer. That influenced her to create her work with the question of "what if the fairy tale princess struggles with aging, diseases or finance?".
8. Why do you feel this artist/artwork is worth sharing?
     -I personally likes to work with fairy tales or children's stories because they are contradicting many times. Many times fairy tales are written to teach children's life lessons. But these days the stories are considered too unrealistic to teach any lessons comparing to how things work in real life. So as an artist Goldstein sarcastically criticized it; how life is so complicated not always good to teach the children with false hopes.

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  1. I love the idea of the fairy tale characters exploring real world problems of disease and aging!


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