Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kim Jung Gi - October 22nd Christian Espinoza

Kim Jung Gi
Instagram: @kimjunggius

Kim's art is comprised of sketches and small paintings/prints. They can vary from sketches of unique and original characters Kim has come up with, to caricatures, to vibrant and detailed environments which make the sketch or painting feel alive and breathing.

 Kim pays amazing attention to detail. Which adds the element of surrealism to most of his pieces, since most of them are extremely fantastical events or situations.

There are dream-like feelings you can get by looking at his artwork, which can also be very inspiring.

Kim Jung Gi's artwork has no real theme, with every piece as or more unique than the next. Each sketch is more like diving into a piece of his imagination, and leaving no space for anything else. They also give off a sort of anime vibe.

His sketches and prints are definitely worth sharing because of his unique style of surrealism with insanely accurate anatomy presented through the original characters he comes up with off the top of his head. You can also get lost in any of his bigger environment works, in which your eyes will run across the whole piece analyzing every detail. It's pretty fun to look at.

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