Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Glenn Arthur 


3. He uses acrylic paint, prism colors, ballpoint pens, fluid acrylic and pencil.
4. He uses the emphasized of color, value, texture and shape to make a more realistic look.
5. Balance, pattern, contrast and unity are there principles of design he mainly uses.
6. The face expressions give out a more serious, confident, and elegant look.
7. His paintings are about elements that happened in his past and future. They are also about love, death, conflict and duality, giving a theme of strength and and hope.
8. I think his art work is worth sharing because in his paintings he shows the passion he has for art and how detail he is with everything in his paintings. I love the designs of the paintings and how he combines the colors and makes the girls have a look of superiority and confident about themselves.

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