Sunday, November 9, 2014

Glenn Arthur Nov. 6 Martha Kwon

1. Artist name: Glenn Arthur
2. Website:  Instagram: @glen_arthur_art
3. Subject matter: female portraiture
4. Elements of art emphasized: line, space, form, value, color, texture
5. Principles of design used: contrast, movement, pattern, unity
6. What is the mood or feeling: ethereal, supernatural
7. "Touching on themes of love, death, conflict and duality, Glenn’s art tells stories of strength and hope through emotion and sentiment with his sensual beauties and signature hummingbirds. " -Glenn Arthur
8. I think the artist is worth sharing because of the intense detail/craftsmanship that this artist puts into all his artwork. I really admire the cleanliness of his art. His originality is also really distinct; it's very easy to identify his artwork among other artists who use similar subject matters or mediums. 

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