Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paulina Gonez Nov. 5th

1. Tim Burton
2. Website:
3. Subject matter: graphite, watercolor, stop - motion animation
4. Emphasizes dark colors
5. Principle of design used is variety and proportion
6. His work gives off a mysterious,  gothic mood
7. Burton's work comes in a large variety since he first started drawing only. After studying animation and experimenting with what he liked, he began to do more stop-motion animation. Burton's 3 dimensional work brings something unique and new to life and gives off a dark, gothic feeling without being scary. In my opinion, he makes ugly, old-fashioned things look fascinating and beautiful in a way.
8. I think this artist is worth sharing because he uses a different medium than just on paper or canvas. I also think that his style is very unique and original.

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