Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zoe Lacchei

1.Artist Zoe Lacchei loves human anatomy and Japanese culture, she is a popular Italian artist and owns a studio gallery in Rome. Her artwork appears in books, magazines and in the web. People also have had her work tattooed on them because it's just so popular :) 
2.Website found in I found about this artist through Instagram. Her official website: Lacchei's Page & be more connected with her in Zoe's Facebook.
3. Subject Matter Fusion of many traditional techniques and materials to create portraits of women and recently of Marilyn Manson.
4. Elements of art emphasized are line, space, color, value, and texture
5. Principle of Design Used are movement, and emphasis.
6. Mood/Feeling Her paintings are passionate and electric especially the ones on her website. She draws freely and my favorite is her Geisha Project because it's vivid and wonderfully seductive in a way.
7. What is the Artwork About? I feel like her artwork is something she has fun with and it's easy for her because Lacchei's imagination comes from study of humans and the Japanese culture. So she expresses both by drawing life along with the women.
8. I felt like sharing this artist because I love her creativity on her  pieces. She draws freely and I feel we should do the same with our art and make it unique.
Zoe who grew up in Rome
Italian Magazine

Book Cover From Beauties & Beasts

Trickster Fox

Geisha Project
Sketches of a Dangerous Mind
Marilyn Manson- Metamorphosis

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