Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Laia López

By Tatum

1. Laia Lopez

2. I found her on Tumblr in 2012
    a. This is her Art instagram
    b. This is her art tag on tumblr

3. She does not limit herself in any particular media, though enjoys doing digital and mixed media paintings

4. Laia puts an emphasize on color, texture, and shapes. All her pieces have heavy saturated color and have an even flow to them.

5. She also uses a lot of contrast if her piece has a background, in addition to contrast, she uses a fair amount of movement. This helps the piece seems 3 dimensional and more "alive".

6. Each piece has a specific mood, depending on the characters in the piece. But an overall theme is very light and  cheerful

7. The subject of the work are mostly of pop culture (bands, actors, tv/book characters,ect), Laia have very few original characters.

8.I feel like Laia's work is worth showing because the amount of time and detail she puts into each of her pieces. She taught herself in the beginning and now is studying art and animation at her local university in Barcelona,Spain. Laia hopes to make a career out of art and possibly working for Disney. She encourages other up-and-coming to never give up on their creative endeavors.

A Few Pictures From Her Instagram:

How She Colors Her Art:

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