Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein                                    

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Subject Matter: modernism; turned American history and folklore into a more contemporary style. 

Elements of Art: shape, color, line

Principles of Design: balance, movement, pattern, rhythm 

Mood: mass-produced emotions such as sadness, bravery, etc.

Artwork is about... the typical American Life based on pop art that emphasizes bold-colored parodies similar to those of comic strips and advertisements.

Worth sharing because... his work depicts a sense of being able to implement the past into the present. Also, being one of the leading figures in the Pop Art movement, along with Andy Warhol, is eye-catching!

Oh, Jeff... I Love You Too, But...

Crying Girl 

Girl with Ball


Drowning Girl



 "I'm interested in portraying a sort of antisensibility that pervades society

                                                                                                        Roy Lichtenstein

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